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Bondtech CHT® BiMetal RepRap Nozzle, 0.6 mm

Produktinformationen "Bondtech CHT® BiMetal RepRap Nozzle, 0.6 mm"

Copper and Hardened Vanadium Steel nozzles for high flow applications with abrasive materials.

They are manufactured by Bondtech in-house, and will fit the following hotends/blocks:

  • Mosquito® / Magnum
  • Mosquito® Liquid
  • Mosquito® Magnum+
  • Copperhead™
  • E3D Chimera and Kraken
  • E3D V4, V5 and V6 blocks
  • Prusa i3, Prusa Mini
  • RepRap M6


  • Copper body;
  • Hardened Vanadium Steel inserts
  • Nickel Coating
  • 1 unit per pack;
  • Available sizes : 0.40, 0.60, 0.80 and 1.0mm;
  • Optimized for 1.75mm filament;
  • Compatible with 2.85mm filament.
  • Requires 6mm wrench

Main Bondtech CHT® BiMetall Advantages

  • Abrasive-proof to work with Carbon and Glass fiber composite materials;
  • Higher melt capacity by increasing the surface area of the heating walls
  • Flow Rate gains between 25 and 65%
  • Competitive price/performance price
  • Machined with ultra-precision
  • Copper body and Hardened Vanadium Steel inserts nozzle with Nickel coated surface
  • Follows nozzle standards:
    • RepRap (M6×1×7.5×12.5)
    • MK8 (M6×1×5×13)
  • May be used with 1.75 or 2.85mm hotends.

Flow Rate gains may vary. Results depend on the hardware, materials and print settings used.

Advantages of the Bondtech CHT® technology:

Bondtech CHT® nozzles split the filament into 3 thinner strands allowing to melt the material from within. In doing so, the material melts faster and higher flow rates can be used.

Core Heating is a patented technology

Registration number: EP3445568A1
Nozzles for 3D printers made of metal with at least one or a multitude of holes to increase the surface area of the heating walls.

Advantages of the Nickel Coating

A Nickel coating is applied to our Coated Brass nozzles to provide protection against corrosion, erosion, and abrasion. Nickel coated nozzles have more corrosion resistance and lower coefficient of friction, which allows slicker feeding of material and delays plastic adhesion to the nozzle's surface.

Eigenschaften "Bondtech CHT® BiMetal RepRap Nozzle, 0.6 mm"
Voron / Model: Legacy, Switchwire, Trident, VORON0 V0.1, VORON0 V0.2, VORON1 V1.8, VORON2 V2.4
Voron / Spec: 120, 230, 250, 300, 350
Hersteller "Bondtech AB"
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Bill of Materials for "Bondtech CHT® BiMetal RepRap Nozzle, 0.6 mm"
Our Bill Of Materials is a usefull tool while sourcing your VORON.
Model / Spec120230250300350
VORON Legacy 1
VORON Switchwire 1
VORON Trident 1 1 1
VORON0 V0.1 1
VORON0 V0.2 1
VORON1 V1.8 1 1
VORON2 V2.4 1 1 1

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