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What was once a one-person operation has grown into a small tight-knit group of engineers united under a common design ethos. We're dedicated to creating production-quality printers you can assemble in your kitchen. It's this passion and dedication that drive us to push the boundaries just a little further. We build space shuttles with gardening tools so anyone can have a space shuttle of their own.

Website: https://vorondesign.com/


Sebastian is well known for his UHPC DIY CNC Milling Machine Elke and his YouTube channel.

Website: https://www.end-cnc-shop.de/


Everything VORON online shop for our our australian friends.

Website: https://uniqueprints.shop/


Mainsail makes Klipper more accessible by adding a lightweight, responsive web user interface, centred around an intuitive and consistent design philosophy.

Website: https://docs.mainsail.xyz


Years of building printers and printing, focused in on one thing: delivering highest quality 3D printed parts. Fast. Flawless!.

Website: https://layerguru.com